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electric blanket reviews: Is it better to purchase a standard or deluxe electric blanket?

Dec 1, 2020 2:59:47 AM / by Wellcare



Electric blankets have become an indispensable partner for a good night’s sleep, regardless of the weather conditions outside. It’s extremely cozy to cocoon yourself in a warm blanket. There are many electric blanket models available on the market at a wide range of prices. How can you choose the one that is most suitable for you?


Wellcare compiled and analyzed nearly 800 comments positive and negative user comments posted to a popular German website about two single size electric blankets from the same brand but at different price levels. The first was a standard electric underblanket that entered the market in 2017, and the second was a deluxe model that hit the market nearly a decade ago. Both were 150x80 cm in size.


The comments revealed the features that consumers care about, and the inferred behavioral trends can help people to find the most suitable electric blanket among all the available options.



Comparison between deluxe electric blanket and standard underblanket

Comparison between deluxe electric blanket and standard underblanket.


There is a thing or two about standard electric underblanket


The standard electric blanket hit the market in 2017, and 75 users left 252 subjective comments as of the end of 2019.


Top three positive and negative comments about the standard underblanket

Top three subjects of the positive and negative comments about the standard electric blanket from 2017 to 2019


Wellcare extrapolated the following five conclusions from the comments. We have quoted user comments below to ensure the veracity of this report. We also derived future trends using recurring positive and negative comments.


  1. Temperature is what electric blanket users care the most about

    It was the most common subject in both positive and negative comments. Reviewers who felt the temperature was pleasant and helped them to relax left positive comments: “I have it nice and warm” and “you can get a fast-warming and sufficiently warm underblanket for relatively little money.”

    Between 2017 and 2018, the percentage of comments mentioning “heats up fast” rose from 4.3 percent to 12 percent. It declined slightly in 2019.
    This shows that users are becoming more subjective about temperature. “Pleasant warmth” was mentioned in 12.0 percent, 16 percent, and 11.6 percent of comments in 2017, 2018, and 2019, respectively.

    Meanwhile, the percentage of comments about how the blanket was “not warm enough” rose from 12.9 percent in 2017 to 18.8 percent in 2018, and then fell to 10.0 percent in 2019. Comments included, “very little warmth even after two hours,” “does not heat at Level 3,” and “at the highest level, I feel it’s rather lukewarm than warm.”

    As users became more familiar with the product, they gradually developed a certain understanding about electric blankets and the comments they posted were positive affirmations or suggestions.

    This shows that users are developing a greater awareness of their own heating needs, and also explains why the flexible heating industry is continuously progressing.


  1. Choose the right electric blanket for yourself, and the higher price comes with better satisfaction.

    Price is a major consideration in the choice of electric blankets. For the standard electric blanket, 12.0 percent and 11.6 percent of consumers believed the price was reasonable in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

    Consumers were more tolerant of the blanket’s shortcomings due to its comparatively lower price and were satisfied with the blanket’s performance for the price they paid, reporting a high cost-performance ratio and good user experience.

    The deluxe blanket had a comparatively higher price, but only a small percentage of users left negative comments about the price being too high, and there were no such comments after 2017. It may be because users had already accumulated enough ideas and experience.

    In addition to knowing about basic functions, they also began learning how to evaluate products. If the functions, quality, materials, and other details met their expectations, their satisfaction rate was high even if the price was also high.


  1. Consumers recognized the straps that attach to the mattress to prevent slippage while straps with poor elasticity are considered to have negative effects.

    Straps that attach to the mattress to prevent slippage were a distinguishing feature of the product. In 2017, it was the third most-mentioned advantage, and 11.1 percent of comments spoke about how the tie straps can secure the electric blanket in place on the bed.

    One reviewer said, “The tapes are very long and useful.” However, this design feature was also the fifth most common complaint in the same year, with 9.7 percent of comments complaining about the straps sliding around.

    Although the percentage dropped to 5.0 percent in 2019, reviewers still left comments such as, “why are you using inelastic tapes instead of elastic bands” or “have to wrap the tapes around the entire mattress.”

    One reason why tie strap may be used instead of elastic bands is because the thickness of mattresses varies. This will affect how secure and fixed the elastic bands are. If the mattress is too thin, they will slip easily. If the mattress is too thick or the bands are secured to the bedframe, they will be taut and stretch out over time.

    The sleeping posture also determines whether tie straps or elastic bands will slide. The more people toss and turn, the higher the chance of loose straps and slippage. Design practicality was widely discussed, showing that the electric blanket industry is continuously progressing.


  1. The standard model had a wider range of negative comments.

    “Poor quality,” “bad location of the connection box,” and “design problems” were some of the negative comments left about the standard model.

    A statistical analysis showed the users who left these comments also left positive comments such as “can relax well” and “very warm and comfortable sleep.” It appears that even if many functions were simplified, the presence of basic functions plus the price advantage were enough to overcome the product’s shortcomings, make users satisfied with the cost-performance ratio, and leave them with an overall good impression.

    Consumers use different evaluation criteria depending on their experience. For example, both electric blankets were the same size at 150x80 cm.

    The proportion of users of the deluxe blanket who thought that the “size was too small” was relatively high, with 7.6 percent of comments mentioning this between 2017 and 2019.

    As for the standard model, only 3.2 percent of comments mentioned this in 2017, and no one mentioned it in 2018 and 2019. This shows that consumers may have different expectations of differently priced products.

    There are several reasons why the size of electric blankets is important to consumers. Due to the size differences between the electric blanket and the mattress, people might feel uncomfortable.

    One reviewer said, “Would be better 20 cm longer, then the feet would also get warm,” while another said, “Not so well-suited for our bed.” If enlarge heat area of an electric blanket once hangs over the sides of the bed, then the internal wires may become warped, increasing the risk of a safety issue. Therefore, an electric blanket with extended length with similar heat area.


  1. Comments about being able to “feel the wires” rose significantly from 3.5 percent in 2017 to 12.6 percent in 2018.

    Although the rate declined slightly in 2019, this was the second-most common complaint that year. Poor quality materials ranked third in 2018 and first in 2019. One comment was, “it is so thin that if you sleep on a hard mattress, or are very sensitive, you can feel the heating wires” It’s true that the thickness and choice of materials may affect the sleep quality of more sensitive users. It can be inferred from the increase that users have build up their perceptive abilities on quality as time goes on.

    The comments showed that in addition to price, tactile quality and user experience are also very important. The number of users who care about details is increasing, and their awareness and perceptive abilities are strengthening.

    They notice issues such as being able to feel the wires or unevenly distributed heat. In addition, consumers have begun to ask detailed questions about products. Improving the overall performance of electric blankets will require advances in technology, choice of materials, manufacturing process, and craftsmanship.


There is a thing or two about deluxe electric blankets


The deluxe, single size electric blanket hit the market nearly a decade ago. Between 2011 and the end of 2019, a total of 235 users left 489 subjective comments. The top three subjects of the positive and negative comments were:


The top three subjects of the positive and negative comments about deluxe electric blanket

Top three subjects of the positive and negative comments about the deluxe electric blanket from 2011 to 2019


Which features missing in standard electric blankets do deluxe electric blankets provide? Where are they better? The answers included the timer, the nine temperature settings, and separate heat areas. The following are five issues that consumers care about.


  1. The lifespan of electric blankets greatly affects comments received
    Product lifespan is a key consideration for many consumers

    The percentage of comments related to the relatively shorter lifespan of the deluxe electric blanket rose steadily from 16.0 percent to 22.6 percent to 26.1 percent between 2011 and 2019.

    Users mentioned that the deluxe model malfunctioned frequently, with the majority of the malfunctions involving the display and switch: “the display remains empty,” “the switch is no longer illuminated and it cannot be switched on.”

    There were also comments about the unexpectedly short product lifespan: “it was broken after only five months,” “unfortunately, it broke quickly.” Consumers expected a deluxe model to last for a long time. Although all products eventually become unusable, the relatively high price and short lifespan caused users to leave negative reviews.

    Wellcare is going to share a little knowledge with you. Proper storage and usage can prolong the lifespan of electric blankets. We recommend machine washing them at 30 degrees Celsius no more than five times total.

    The production process of high quality electric blankets requires greater precision and is more complicated, so take good care of your blanket and follow the guidelines in the manual. Here is The Truth About Electric Blanket Safety for your reference.


  1. There were numerous negative reviews about the connection box.

    “Bad location of the connection box” was the most frequent complaint in negative reviews of the deluxe blanket, with 23.4 percent of reviewers mentioning this shortcoming between 2011 and 2016 and 26.4 percent between 2017 and 2019. The connection box means the connector is fixed on blanket and could be linked to plug.

    One such comment was: “super warm, only the connector on the cable is unfavorably positioned.” There were also reviewers who gave full marks and said this was the only shortcoming: “the only drawback is...,” “the only point to be improved…”

    Comments about the cable being too short ranked fourth every year, as bedroom outlets may not necessarily be located next to the bed. A power cable that is too short and doesn’t reach an outlet will affect the usage of the blanket, and loose cables may result in safety issues.

    There was also a comment saying, “the plug socket (also referred as connection box) is quite large, so that you are awakened painfully.” Feeling a hard connection box while sleeping can indeed create discomfort and affect the sleep quality.

    Whereas the negative comments about the standard model encompassed a wide range, the negative comments about the deluxe model focused on the two issues of poor choice of plug location and short product lifespan.

    Electric blankets have innovated over time, and many of those currently available on the market feature smaller connection boxes that are located in places less likely to affect sleep.


  1. Separate heating zones and the timer are highly praised

    Between 2011 and 2016, 18.5 percent of reviewers mentioned the advantage of separate heating zones. The percentage between 2017 and 2019 was 16.3 percent.

    Heating zones whose temperatures can separately controlled give consumers with different heating needs different options, improving the overall user experience.

    Comments included, “particularly good is the possibility of two adjustable temperature zones” and “if you suffer from cold feet, I can highly recommend the product in the truest sense.”

    This feature allows the body and feet to be heated separately at different temperatures. Normally, people who aren’t afraid of the cold only have to heat up their bodies for their feet to become warm.

    Those who suffer from cold feet can adjust the temperature in the foot zone to warm up their entire bodies. This feature provides a satisfactory experience to all users regardless of their needs.

    The timer function was mentioned by 9.7 percent of comments between 2011 and 2016 and by 8.2 percent between 2017 and 2019.

    Comments included, “thanks to the adjustable timer function, it switches off reliably” and “turbo mode for fast heating in 10-15 minutes and automatic switch-off for saving electricity.” One standard model user mentioned that “without a timer, the shutdown time cannot be set and the electricity bill is increased.”

    It can be seen that the timer function was widely praised by users, as it allowed for energy saving, thereby reducing electricity bills.


  1. System design affects user experiences

    System-related problems were the third major shortcoming. These problems were raised in 11.7 percent of comments about the deluxe model between 2011 and 2016, with the majority involving issues with the LCD display and controller.

    Comments included, “the display of the selected levels is very bright and dimmable,” “the LCD segments are only partially displayed,” and “the switch was broken.” In the same time period, 15.4 percent of comments lauded the user interface: “easy to operate,” “the front panel is clear and understandable,” and “an easy to read display on the operating element is very useful.”

    These comments show that an easy to understand, multi-range controller is practical, although there was still some room for improvement with regards to the technical issues.


  1. Consumers willing to invest in high-quality products

    The price of the deluxe electric blanket was higher than that of the standard model, but only 4.26 percent of comments from 2011 to 2016 mentioned this.

    However, the higher price did not come with a way to attach it to the mattress to prevent slippage. The choice of fabrics and materials also affects whether an electric blanket will slide around.

    The proportion of comments talking about slippage was relatively low, which can be interpreted to mean that consumers will not hesitate to invest in high quality products if these products meet their needs.

    Wellcare compared the two periods of 2011 until 2016 and 2016 until now, and discovered what consumers didn’t say. Consumers are gradually paying more attention to details, and want their electric blankets to have better sense, a better feel, and be high quality.They want greater protection against the cold and greater comfort.

    Stifling or dry heat is a longtime issue with electric blankets. In the past, people gradually got used to it and just accepted it. Consumers nowadays care about such details and will search for a solution that can create a better sleep environment and improve sleep quality.

    Manufacturers that care about details, are willing to put in more thought and effort, and meticulously select materials are now emerging, and the electric blanket industry is progressing.


Choose what is best for you!

choose the right electric blanket and sleep well_1200x625

Electric blankets have become an indispensable partner for a good night’s sleep. It’ll be a waste of money to buy an electric blanket that is wrong or unsuitable for you, so it’s important to first understand your own needs and preferences and why you want an electric blanket.


Here’s some guidance for you depending on what type of user you are.


Guidance on choosing standard electric blanket:


  • The standard electric blanket with three temperature settings is a great entry-level product for the first-time electric blanket user.

    It offers simple functions, and it’s easy to learn how to use it.


  • If you’re not afraid of the cold and are not particular about heat or materials, you can also consider the standard electric blanket.

    Turn it on about half an hour before bed and let it warm up your bed. Turn it off when you get into bed to save electricity.


  • The standard electric blanket also suits those consumers who are budget-conscious or wish to conserve energy, as well as infrequent users who only pull out the electric blanket when it’s cold.

    Proper usage can extend the product lifespan and avert the need to purchase a replacement after a short amount of time.


Guidance on choosing deluxe electric blanket:


  • You can consider a deluxe model if you used basic electric blankets in the past and felt the heat was stifling or the blanket was uncomfortable, or if you prefer a steady stream of heat to keep your hands and feet warm.

    These models offer independent heat zones for the body and feet.
    If you suffer from tense muscles or cold feet and find it difficult to fall asleep, we recommend using an electric blanket. You may also refer to these guidelines to improve the overall experience.
  • For those who prefer high-quality products and care about safety, comfort, and details, remember that the price reflects the quality of materials used and the manufacturing costs. A deluxe electric blanket can meet your needs.


  • If you want to sleep on top of a soft and comfortable electric blanket, then pick one of the Cosy models or Fleece models.

    If you care about the environment and are particular about materials, we recommend opting for a deluxe blanket with a timer function that can save energy.

    If you toss and turn while sleeping, look for a model that has tie straps or elastic bands on all four corners to secure the electric blanket in place to reduce the possibility of the internal heating element sliding around.




Since the invention of the electric blanket in 1912, users have been accumulating experience and the thermal insulation industry has been steadily growing and maturing.


Wellcare organized online comments into an investigative report to serve as a reference for electric blanket buyers. This way, they can easily select and purchase the blanket that is most suitable for them, and every purchase will be sure to meet expectations.


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