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Heating Pads for Cramps

Mar 1, 2022 3:00:00 PM / by Wellcare



As much as 80% of all menstruating women suffer from period cramps. Clinically known as dysmenorrhoea, period cramps can range from mild to severe. While many choose to simply bear and get through the pain, it severely restricts their functioning capability and overall health.


The use of heating pads for cramps is an age-old practice. In the pre-industrial era, women would manually heat cloth pads to get relief from period pain. Fortunately, now we have electronic heating pads that work wonders for cramps. Thousands of women have benefitted from such heating pads and regularly use them.


Despite its usefulness and effectiveness, a large number still do not use heating pads. While other methods of alleviating pain can also be effective, heating pads are one of the simplest and most efficient ways. There are multiple reasons behind their unpopularity, lack of awareness and availability being the most significant two.


With the widespread expansion of electronic devices for daily use, heating cramps are also becoming more common. Their popularity is growing slowly and is already quite high. Many manufacturers have started producing heating pads, but the quality often varies greatly. To get the most benefits, women should only choose high-quality heating pads with efficient heating mechanisms.


Today we will discuss everything you need to know about heating pads for cramps. We’ll talk about the benefits and the correct methods. We will also break some misconceptions and suggest what you can do instead. Finally, we will help you find the perfect heating pad that works for you. 

Benefits of a heating pad for cramps

While women knew about the benefits of heat pads for hundreds of years, many still do not know the science behind it. Heating pads are widely used for sports injuries. The heat improves circulation and helps muscles relax. It improves the flow of blood and opens up tight muscles. In the case of menstrual pain, heating pads work similarly. They relax the uterine muscles, resulting in less pain and discomfort.


The primary benefit of using heating pads for cramps is pain alleviation. The solution is simple and is an effective way to cope with menstrual pain. It does not require expensive gadgets, nor does it involve medication. It is a non-invasive method, which reduces the chance of any severe side effects.


Another reason behind the popularity of heating pads is their portability. You can simply pack it in a bag when traveling. It does not require a dedicated setup for application and is ready for use in less than a minute. It is great for frequent travelers or working professionals whose jobs demand a lot of physical movement. Heating pads are also relatively inexpensive, considering the fact that it’s a one-time investment and last for years.

For all its benefits, not all heating pads are the same. To get all the benefits, it is crucial to only use quality heating pads. A bad heating mechanism can do more harm than good and lead to long-term health problems. 

Is a heating pad good for menstrual cramps?

Many women are scared of the adverse effects of heating pads. However, much of it is based on misconceptions and misinformation. As far as research goes, there are no proven adverse effects of using heating pads for menstrual pain. However, things can go bad in exceptional cases. For example, a poorly controlled heating pad can generate too much heat that can damage the skin. On the other hand, too little heat means no real effectiveness for cramps. When the right product is used correctly, heating pads are extremely effective for menstrual pain and cramps.


Among the many reasons for heating pads being good for cramps, relaxation of the myometrium is very important. Myometrium is the mid-layer of the uterine wall and can cause a lot of pain upon contraction. By placing the heating pad correctly, you can relax your myometrium and ease cramps.


Heating pads are widely used for period cramps. It works by opening up blood vessels and improving blood flow. Despite its simple mechanism, it is one of the most effective remedies against cramps. With continued use, you can notice a good degree of relief from pain and discomfort.


On the whole, it is completely safe to use heating pads for menstrual pain. However, you should pay attention to the quality of your heating pad. If the heat feels uncomfortable at any time, be sure to address the issue. In case of any severe side effects, consult your physician at the earliest. 

Where to put heating pads for cramps?

Often women struggle with the placement of heating pads. If not placed correctly, it becomes very ineffective. Correctly placing the pad is the first step towards using heating pads effectively for cramps Here we will tell you where and how to place it for maximum benefits. 


There is no single point of application for heating pads. It varies greatly depending on individual needs, preferences, and problems. Many women experience pain in particular parts of the lower abdomen. Others can tolerate pain in some parts of the body more than in other parts. In such cases, it is very important to use the heating pad in a way that addresses these particular problems.


Generally, period cramps affect the lower abdomen the most. However, heating pads cannot be big enough to cover the entire abdomen. Identify the points where the pain is most intense, and place the heating pad there. Contrary to popular belief, no single point works for all women. It is only through trial and error that you can find what works for you and what doesn't.


Identifying sensitive body parts is also important to determine the correct placement of heating pads. For many women, the lower abdomen is too sensitive to heat. In such cases, they can try applying the pad on the lower back or side abdomen. The rule of thumb here is to find the most relaxing spot. After you do that, you can easily switch between one relaxing point to another. 


How to use heating pads when you are having cramps?


Using heating pads for cramps can be both simple and complex. There are two main ways of using them - alone or in combination with essential oils. When using heating pads alone, the steps involve identifying the most affected part of the body and putting the pad on it. You should generally not use heating pads at the same place for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Anywhere between 15 to 20 minutes is to start with. Depending on the intensity of pain, you can increase or decrease the time.


You can use heating pads while relaxing or doing simple seated chores. However, you should be careful about sleeping while using pads. Overheating can harm your skin. To be immune from this risk, use quality heating pads that have auto-cutoff features. 

It is not necessary to use heating pads only when you experience pain. You can even use it to wind down and relax. Using heating pads before sleeping will relax your muscles and promote good sleep. 


Best heating pad for cramps


Choosing the right heating pad is perhaps the most important factor determining the effectiveness of such pads. With the right heating pad, you can reduce menstrual pain and discomfort to a great degree.


The first thing to look for is the material. Fleece is a great material for cozy heating pads that make using them very comfortable. WE-167SPHD Soothing Heating Pad is a fine example of a snuggly and comfortable heating pad that does not put any stress on the skin. 


This particular pad uses fleece on the top and meshes on the bottom. The mesh helps in radiating heat and the fleece makes using the pad very comfortable. The great thing about this heating pad is its auto cut-off feature. It lets you use the pad without worrying about skin damage from overheating. It is perfect for times when you want to fall asleep while using your heating pad.


Another aspect to take notice of is the pad size. Though it may appear counterintuitive, a large pad does not necessarily mean a comfortable pad. A size of 30-40 cm X 40-50 cm is perfect for most people. The compact size allows you to comfortably fit the pad in any part of the abdomen or the lower back.


Look for temperature control in your heating pads. A temperature regulator helps you get the correct heat setting for maximum relief. Having a removable cover also makes it easier to wash. When buying a new heating pad, make sure you pay attention to all these aspects. 


Can heating pads cause health issues?


Many people think that heating pads can cause mild to severe health issues. However, there is a lot of misinformation to this claim. When used correctly, heating pads do not pose any physical threat or danger. On the other hand, bad heating pads or incorrect methods can make things worse for you.


Keeping a few things in mind while using heating pads can help make it even safer. For example, it is always a good option to wrap the heating pad with a towel before using it. However, that is not necessary with modern heating pads that have a temperature controller. Even with pads with temperature control, it is important to keep the heat levels in check to ensure zero skin damage or discomfort.


As a safety precaution, you can also apply moisturizers or lotions to the skin before using heating pads. That makes the combination of essential oils with heating pads so effective. Let the lotion sit for a while and absorb before using the heating pad. 


Using heating pads is safer than many other alternatives commonly used for dealing with menstrual pain. It is a more sustainable option than taking oral medication. High-quality heating pads do not harm our skin. If used correctly, heating pads do not have any negative effect on your health. 




Heating pads are a great option for alleviating menstrual pain for all the reasons we mentioned here. Women around the world benefit from using these pads and swear by their benefits. Research conducted on the efficacy of heating pads also reveals their effectiveness. The popularity of heating pads has increased considerably over the past few years and continues to grow even more.


While heating pads have a host of benefits and advantages, you must also be careful while using them. One of the major problems associated with heating pads is overheating and skin damage. If used on damaged skin, heating pads can make the pain worse and add to an already uncomfortable condition.


Choosing the right heating pad is very important to maximum benefits. With so many choices in the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that works for you. When choosing a heating pad, pay attention to its material, temperature control, heat radiation, and smart cut-off features. If you choose the correct heating pad, you do not need to worry about overheating and associated problems. Go with reputed brands that make quality products and pay attention to detail.


In conclusion, heating pads can be a lifesaver for billions of women suffering from menstrual cramps and pain. Modern heating pads are great for dealing with cramps and pain. The ease of use and portability makes them even more useful. Anyone struggling with cramps and pain can benefit greatly from comfortable and cozy heating pads.


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