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How To Make Use Of Your Electric Blanket For All Weathers

Sep 24, 2020 6:45:00 PM / by Wellcare

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An electric underblanket is one of the best ways to warm your skin. Most people think electric underblankets are only useful in winter, but this is actually a myth. Electric underblankets can be used all four seasons.


Electric blankets are unlike your ordinary blankets, where it takes time for your cold body temperature to adjust to the warmth. By preheating your bed with electric underblankets, you can easily get cosy and comfortable the second you enter your bed. Having a warm bed is not only good for your body, it also helps you sleep better.


Many of Wellcare’s happy customers warm their bed every day with our state-of-the-art 4D DWF electric underblanket. In warmer seasons, they turn on electric underblankets for a shorter time to only warm the bed before they sleep. In the summer, especially, they warm their bed while the air-conditioning is running so that the room temperature stays at a comfortable level.


Electric underblankets are very safe to use. They are made with different fabrics, come in free sizes, are affordable, and can be sustained for long-term use. An electric underblanket is different from a normal blanket because of its electric connections that heat your bed better.


As the name implies, the blanket goes under your bed sheet instead of covering your body. This makes the blanket very useful because it can provide you with a warm bed much more quickly. In winter, this is a great way to get warm and stay comfortable.


Electric underblankets can do more than just prevent cold feet and fight cold weather. They are incredibly comfortable and easily give you more comfort than you can imagine. As technology advances, the electric underblanket evolves into the next level too.


Browse our other articles to learn more about Wellcare’s unique 4D Dynamic Warmth Flow technology and how it takes comfort to a new horizon.


What are some other advantages and use cases for electric underblankets?


These blankets do a good job of relaxing your body and relieving muscle discomfort. When you sleep on a warm surface, it helps with your blood circulation. It also helps you conserve energy used by the room heater since your body is already kept warm by your blanket.


Keep in mind: you don’t always have to turn your electric underblankets to a very high temperature. Elders can use electric underblankets at a moderate temperature daily, just to warm their bed and stay healthy. We will dive a little further into these topics in the next section.


Why use electric underblankets year-round and not just in the winter?


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First of all, Wellcare’s electric underblankets look really cool and comfortable. The fuzzy design can get you comfortable just by looking at it. It is made with great material that you will enjoy sleeping under.


Simply sleep better

The electric blanket can almost certainly put you to sleep faster than a natural blanket. A warm and comfortable sleeping environment is always helpful for your quality of sleep.


Heat is necessary for the human body because it improves blood circulation. It can reduce stress and induce relaxation by smartly applying warmth to your body. It’s a small secret to staying fit and healthy.


When you lie on the electric underblanket, any tension will subside and your back will feel more relieved. Please keep in mind that electric underblanket is not a medical product and is not used to cure body pain. However, if you want to find an easy method to reduce stress after a long day of work, then this is a simple and effective choice. You just might get used to preheating your bed before sleeping and never turn back!


Relax your muscles

The electric underblanket is very useful in relaxing your muscles, using a sufficient amount of heat that is released from the underblanket. Heat therapy has long been a solution to alleviate muscle and body aches. If you have muscle pain, simply lying down on a warm electric underblanket can help you relax.


Improve your blood circulation

Exercising or getting a massage are ways to improve blood circulation. Applying heat is another great way. An electric underblanket is very useful for this purpose. All you have to do is get comfortable under the blanket and get yourself going with the help of the heat.


There are different types of heat and not all electric underblankets are made the same. Choosing a high-quality electric underblanket is key to comfort and good sleep. If you are looking for a nice electric underblanket, be sure to check out Wellcare’s electric underblankets made with innovative 4D DWF technology!


Ideal for elders

Elder people are usually more sensitive to coldness, so an electric underblanket is the perfect fix. Some of our customers reflected that it is very helpful for elders in their family to use electric underblankets every night when they are going to sleep.

Note: If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, chronic disease or uses a pacemaker, please consult a doctor before using the product.


Most electric underblankets on the market have the problem of overheating or heat that is too dry and stuffy. Wellcare’s unique innovation, the 4D DWF (4D Dynamic Warmth Flow), completely solves this problem. We are confident that you, your elder friends and all your relatives will fall in love with it.


Other essential benefits of the blanket


  1. Scientifically designed to enhance your mood

    An electric underblanket will take care of you and boost your mood. Energy drainage is an issue that makes you feel tired, creating a bad mood that will throw off your day. An electric underblanket is essential in curing your weariness and enhancing your mood. It helps relax your muscles and body, and ultimately bring you to a better mood.


  1. May help with reducing dust mites

    While there is no guarantee of this, the electric underblanket is sometimes thought to help prevent dust mites. This happens because dust mites love moisture and are attracted to moisture, such as human sweat in the air. Wellcare’s 4D DWF technology actively reduces sweating at night, possibly fighting against dust mites in your sleeping environment as well.


  1. Conserves energy and reduces electricity bills

    The electric underblanket is a great and cost-effective idea, helping you save on your bills. With the electric underblanket, you won’t need much of other electrical heating devices such as your indoor heater. Our underblanket also has a timer with automatic power-off features, so you can set it to turn off on its own after a specified time.


The 4D DWF (4D Dynamic warmth flow) technology




This is a brand new technological innovation for electric underblankets, heating pads and cushions which can bring you ultimate comfort and warmth. A 4D DWF product has heat-releasing holes on its surface. The idea is to release heat through the holes on the surface of these flexible heating products, preventing overheating and discomfort.


Most current electric underblankets on the market only release heat from tiny gaps on the woven and non-woven pieces of fabric. This causes overheating and stuffiness because the heat within is not fully released. Only the surface of the product becomes hot, which becomes uncomfortable when used for a long time. It also causes sweat in the middle of the night, which disrupts sleep.


Many of us prefer heat in various other forms, but the optimal method is to have the heat flow all throughout your body and throughout the night. The electric blanket by Wellcare is designed to do exactly that, providing you with the best heating and sleeping experience.


We worked for many years to design, refine and perfect all sorts of flexible heating products, and today you can choose from our electric underblankets, heating pads, heating cushions and mobile heating solutions.


There is really nothing like the warmth and care of a Wellcare 4D DWF product—it is impossible to fully describe in words. You have to experience it to understand its benefits. You can find Wellcare 4D DWF products online or at physical stores. Experience the ultimate warmth for yourself today.


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